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Impact of the management and development of the capital infrastructure

The investments in the development of the airport infrastructure are carried out in compliance with the specific programing instruments, subject to the control and approval of ENAC, which governs the infrastructural operations within our airports.

The Master Plan is the long-term planning instrument for the upgrade and expansion of the airport infrastructures. Beginning with the airport development expectations (in terms of role, traffic, types of flights served, needs expressed by the region etc.), it identifies and describes the general situation, analyzing the functional allocation of the various areas of the airport and identifies the main infrastructure which need to be constructed, assigning different priority levels and quantifying the extent of the investment required. The Master Plan prepared by the airport manager was approved by ENAC in relation to the technical-aeronautic aspects and by the Ministry for the Environment for the environmental impact topics. The authorization process then involves an assessment of the planning elements expressed by the "Conference of Services", in which all the regional entities interested in the development of the airport participate.

The short/medium-term actions are implemented through the Four-Year Action Plan, a document requested and approved by ENAC, through which the airport manager defines the infrastructure which it intends to construct, in compliance with the indications contained in the Master Plan, within a more limited timeframe compared to the general situation which characterizes this latter document.