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Investments at Malpensa airport

In 2017 work on the airport's airside infrastructures were mainly safety and operational maintenance/improvement works and included the upgrade of the aircraft signaling system to the new EAS regulatory standards (European Aviation Safety Agency).

The upgraded paving on runway 35/17 involved part of the infrastructure between taxiways "F" and "DA". The "Calvert" approach lighting system for runway 35R was upgraded and upgrades were also carried out on the visual light aids for taxiways "WB" and "Z". The microwave stop-bar sensors present on some of the taxiways directly connected to the runways were also upgraded. Work is also underway to create water treatment and collection systems for southern area de-icing waste waters. Upgrades to the signaling system involved both repositioning and integrating "mandatory" markings, as per the new regulations, as well as the realization of new horizontal signage to show taxiing pilots their vicinity to the runways. This also involved the replacement of some vertical signage markings not fully compliant with the new regulatory provisions. Redesign works continued in Terminal 1 to match the qualitative and functional standards of the new north zone, and included the zones opened to traffic in 1998.  Specifically, this involved the reconfiguration of the large retail areas in the Departure Area, the redesign of both the Arrivals Floor in satellite "B" and the distant gates for Schengen-zone flights in the north zone. Some of the pre-departure areas were expanded, and a new Lufthansa VIP lounge was created and included various work in the technical and service areas. Having completed the important operational expansion developments of the previous year, in 2017, maintenance and installation works on the new air-conditioning systems in the pre-embarkation tunnels were also carried out in Terminal 2. In the cargo area, of importance is the work on the new first-line cargo warehouses, including the completion of vehicular access systems towards the south zone and the realization of new customs areas. Other works in 2017 included the new Ansett pilot training center, the extension of the vehicle traffic control system at Terminal 1, alteration works on the operations in the east wing of the hangar, new entry carports at carpark P5, the recent restructuring of building 148, the various revamps of electrical substations, transformer stations 132/15 KV and of other airport systems.