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Investments in Linate airport

At Linate, with regard to airside infrastructures we report:

  • the creation of new de-icing areas (expanding operational capacity, but also ensuring that these systems are fully compliant with current regulatory standards);
  • the upgrade of the aircraft parking stands in the south area of the main apron;
  • a segment of taxiway "D" renamed as taxiway "Z" to ensure greater clarity of communications between taxiing pilots and the control towers;
  • the change in some service traffic segments on the apron, to improve operational visibility and safety.

Also in Linate, the horizontal airside signage was changed to ensure its full compliance with EASA standards. The main work involved repositioning some of the "mandatory" markings and introducing a new type of horizontal signage so that taxiing pilots could clearly determine their vicinity to the runway. In the passenger terminals, renovation works commenced and are continuing on the Viale Forlanini facade, as well as the installation of new canopies in the departure zone and the restyling of the arrivals hall and the baggage collection areas with the creation of a new VIP lounge - the "Leonardo". Works on the installation of new boarding card turnstiles in the pre-security area for outbound passengers have been completed. Other work includes the upgrade and the renovation of buildings in the airport’s west zone (business aviation area), taking into account the current operational requirements and the type of vehicular traffic present in this area. Traffic systems and carparks to the front of building 35 were also altered and new loading docks were installed to store ULD containers. Finally, work on re-locating the airside aircraft fuel distributor have commenced.