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Stakeholder engagement

In the redrafting of the Malpensa Master Plan we launched a cogent public consultation plan to involve the main stakeholders. The goal we set ourselves was to adopt structured dialogues with the actors in the region to understand how we could complement and not conflict with their demands for developing airport traffic.

The approach we adopted was based on 4 methodological parameters, deemed essential for an effective and constructive interaction:

  • maximum transparency, clarity and information about the project;
  • SEA’s proactivity in implementing the dialogue and the discussion processes;
  • a highly inclusive process with the various interested stakeholders;
  • major separation between the dialogue/discussion process on the preliminary content of the Master Plan and donations in the region by SEA.

Stakeholders’ involvement to date focused on the 2030 Master Plan Guidelines issued by SEA in autumn 2015. Discussions took place between the end of 2015 and April 2017 and were based on design hypotheses, but not on the final technical project. This decision was based on the intention to anticipate the latest regulatory provisions and to apply best international experience within an airport context.

We anticipated two regulatory provisions in particular:

  • Directive 2014/52/EU regarding environmental impact assessments (transposal obligation into Member State legislation by May 2017) which implies early-stage public participation in the project’s decision-making process, online access to information, consultations with the target audience of not less than 30 days, and careful consideration of their relevance to health impacts.
  • Directive 2014/24/EU regarding public work tenders (Transposed under Legislative Decree number 50/2016 "Code of Tenders") which requires a "Public Debate" for major infrastructural works impacting the environment and region.

The consultation process with the stakeholder panel consisted in a three-pronged approach:


Some of information tools were made available both in paper and electronic format (guideline booklet, technical project documents, case analysis documents, socio-economic impacts and environmental assessment documents) to provide interested parties with all the elements needed to fully understand the project.


We launched a digital platform ( whereby qualified stakeholders were able to acquire information and send us their opinions, proposals, analyses and assessments on the project guidelines.


We organized a series of workshops solely for the representatives of all interested stakeholders. Following an invitation from the interested administrations, we also took part in public discussions organized by entities and organizations present within the airport.

Principal Stakeholder engagement activities carried out on the Master Plan Guidelines

Disclosure Digital Guidelines Booklet Uploaded to the platform  12 download
Analogue Guidelines Booklet Paper distribution 500 copies
Digital Illustrated technical presentations in the workshops Uploaded to the platform 19 files uploaded
Digital Public meeting video Uploaded to the platform 5 files uploaded
Dialogue Digital Creation of an “open” Platform accessible by registration Document repository 55 users registered
475 accesses
Digital Creation of a Guidelines Booklet in a digital version with comments allowed Creation of a dedicated section on the platform 3 comments posted
Digital Video of the technical workshop with comments allowed Uploaded to the platform 5 files uploaded
Meeting Analogue Scheduled technical Workshops Opening (09-11-2015)
Technical analysis of airside traffic and works (10-12-2015)
Socio-economic impact of the airport (07-04-2016)
Environmental studies methodology (12-05-2016)
In-depth study of water impacts (02-12-2-16)
Closing (20-04-2017)
50-80 participants per workshop
Analogue Public meetings in the Municipalities Meeting at Lonate Pozzolo
Meeting at Ferno
Meeting at Arsago Seprio
Meeting at Golasecca
Meeting at Somma Lombardo
15-100 participants per workshop
Analogue Technical closed-door meetings Sesto Calende
Coordination Committee COR2: (Municipalities of Azzate, Daverio, Cazzago Brabbia, Inarzo, Mornago, Sumirago, Vergiate)
North Milan Industrial Associations
Novara Industrial Associations Ticino Lombardo park

Source: SEA