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How we cultivate excellence in our processes

The pursuit of excellence in the management of processes manifests itself in our high level of expectations - from ourselves and from the organization where we work - in terms of the elements we need to constantly push the limits of our capabilities. 

Cultivating excellence means therefore doing jobs to the best of our ability on a daily basis, the result of bringing intelligent behavior to our tasks, focused properly on achieving our own as well as shared objectives. We believe that we achieve excellence when:

  • we succeed in combining the creation of a financial value with public purpose, underlying the management and development of efficient, functional, accessible and inclusive airport structures;
  • our choices are subject to a close assessment of environmental impacts and we are committed, through research and international partnership programmes, to identifying and designing innovative solutions to reduce the consumption of natural resources and limit emissions;
  • we are focused on innovation as an elective response to the increasing complexity which characterizes the management of the business, and that increases Company risks;
  • we seek efficiencies, meaning the best use of Company resources and identifying the best conditions to use them.