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Investments in Corporate Citizenship

Over the last three years, we have invested over Euro 200,000 in corporate citizenship. The majority of donations (over Euro 2.7 million in the period) concern the support of cultural initiatives, in particular support of the La Scala Foundation of Milan. As a founding member, we actively participate in the promotion of musical culture throughout the world, supporting the national artistic heritage and improving its quality level.


Total donations 896,550 782,800 820,242
of which: Culture/Education 728,500 712,400 714,900
of which: La Scala Theatre Foundation Contribution 600,000 600,000 670,000
of which: Sporting events  90,000 10,000 27,000
of which: Social/Assistance  78,050 60,400 78,342
Corporate Citizenship projects 80,000 75,000 81,500
Total donations 976,550 857,800 901,742

Source: SEA

Among the most important Corporate Citizenship projects carried out in 2017, the Project- "Autism"- Travelling through the airport" is highlighted. This project, with the help and contribution of third-parties involved in the area of autism – saw the publication of a brochure and a series of “social stories” with photographs of places and detailed descriptions to assist individuals with autistic spectrum disabilities to engage more calmly with the airport transit experience.