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Direct socio-economic impact of Linate airport

In terms of direct impact, there are slightly above 300 economic activities present in Linate, delivering an estimated 9,300 jobs. The main impact concerns state entities, handling operators and carriers, but also SEA, which had a 12% impact on the overall data. The value of production is around Euro 1.9 billion.

Direct socio-economic impact generated by Linate airport

2015 296 9,347 1,349 9,638,763 12,434 9,763,103 957
2017 313 9,359 1,931 9,503,065 11,937 9,622,435 972

Source: data by the CeRST-LIUC from SEA and ISTAT figures

Indirect and spin-off socio-economic impacts of Linate

Testament to the indirect impact of Linate airport (related to the supply chain external to the production units operating within the airport) in 2017 are the almost 5,800 job openings, related to Euro 687 million of value of production generated. The spin-off impact (linked to the aggregated increase in demand generated by employee salaries working inside the airport structures) represents, on the other hand, over 4,000 job openings and Euro 900 million in production value. Also for Linate, the increase in the production value both on an indirect and spin-off level can be linked also to updated Istat parameters on work productivity and to the multipliers of the input-output tables.

Development of the indirect and spin-off impact of Linate airport

2015 5,751 449.7 4,353 533.3
2017 5,759 686.8 4,359 906

Source: data by the CeRST-LIUC from ISTAT figures

Linate airport - Catalytic impact on tourism

The airport’s catalytic impact on tourism was established, as for Malpensa, from a survey on a panel of passengers disembarking in Linate and related to their spend in the region, in terms of: transport, hotels, restaurants, retail, free time, leisure and entertainment. In 2017, 3,000 outbound passengers from Linate, with at least one overnight stay in Lombardy, were interviewed. The data was then linked to the reference base of 1.7 million inbound tourists landing in Linate and who in 2017 had visited Lombardy. Economically, inbound tourism represents approximately Euro 833 million with the creation of 11,800 jobs.

Development of Linate's catalytic impact on tourism

Passengers 9,638,763 9,503,065
Incomers 1,108,715 1,713,817
Interviews 2,913 3,055
Nights spent in the region n.a. 3,787,536
Average stay (days) 2.20 2.21
Spend per night (€) 234.1 220
Total spend per passenger (€) 515 486.2
Value of production (Euro mil.) 571 833.2
Jobs effect 5,669 11,805

Source: CeRST-LIUC

Overall socio-economic impact of Linate

Putting together the results obtained from the estimates of the different types of impacts considered, it emerges that the overall socio-economic impact of Linate in 2017 - with variable degrees of intensity within a regional catchment area, which, based on the processes considered, stretches from the immediate hinterland, to Lombardy - corresponds to Euro 4.3 billion of production value generated, and the creation of over 31,000 jobs.

Cumulative socio-economic impact of Linate airport

Type of impactJobs effectValue of production (Euro mil.)
Direct 9,359 1,931
Indirect 5,759 686.8
Spin-off 4,359 906
Tourism catalytic  11,805 833.2
Total 31,282 4,357

Source: CeRST-LIUC