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Organizational management

Over the last decade, we have experienced the impact of the global economic and financial crisis and, in particular, the effects of the de-hubbing of Alitalia at Malpensa airport. The significant reduction of company revenues necessitated a restructuring that impacted our personnel and that of our subsidiaries. As part of the ten-year restructuring plan (from 2007 to 2017), we placed employment protection as a priority in the context of possible scenarios. First, tools such as temporary redundancy (under the ‘Cassa Integrazione’ framework), solidarity contracts, incentivized voluntary redundancy and un-interrupted access to pensions after a certain time on the mobility list, were all integrated in the restructuring plan. These solutions allowed the limitation of collective dismissals outside of the cases previously highlighted. Second, the group implemented significant professional retraining programs for organizational units affected by the streamlining, and outsourcing to roles (e.g. security officers) and business areas of growth in terms of workforce. These solutions were accompanied by training, field mentoring and certification support, when demanded by new roles.