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People management policies

As established by the corporate Code of Conduct, relations with employees are in full compliance with legislation protecting workers and working conditions, guaranteeing the right to working conditions that fully respect the dignity of individuals.

In this regard, we actively employ measures to prevent all conduct that may be discriminatory or damaging to individuals, safeguarding personnel from acts of physical and psychological abuse, sexual harassment, intimidation and hostile attitudes in work relations, both internally and externally. We are also committed to opposing all forms of illicit work and require that employees and contractors report any behavior or action in violation of the principles of legitimate employment, for the protection of themselves, their colleagues and the company. We also promote actions aimed at supporting the growth and professional development of personnel, with particular attention to issues of gender, age and disability.

On an organizational level, we consider the corporate hierarchy and authority framework as functional to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, and, consequently, to the pursuit of corporate objectives. Accordingly, our managerial style is founded on the development of mutual trust, on the transparency of intentions and on openness to dialogue, and opposes abuses of authority, bias and the pursuit of undue personal benefit through the leveraging of hierarchical position.