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Economic Performance of the Aviation Business

Aviation Business operating revenues (airport fees and tariffs for the management of centralized infrastructure and security services and tariffs for the use of regulated areas), reported in 2017 amounted to Euro 443.6 million (+8.5% on the previous year), comprising 61.1% of total Group revenues.

The result derives from greater volumes of traffic recorded on the basis of new connections or increased frequencies on existing routes.

The majority of Aviation revenues concerns income from fees and centralized infrastructure, which in 2017 comprised 86.8% of the total, followed by security service fees (10.3%) and those for the use of regulated spaces (2.9%).

Portion of revenues from Aviation activities

Aviation management revenues (Euro ‘000) 443,593 408,970 395,877
Aviation revenues (% of total revenues) 61.1 58.4 57.0
Other revenues (% of total revenues) 38.9 41.6 43.0

Source: SEA

Type of revenues from Aviation activities (Euro thousands)

 20172016% of total Aviation Revenues
Fees and centralized infrastructure 385,043 351,088 86.8
Use of regulated spaces 12,941 12,732 2.9
Security controls 45,609 45,150 10.3
Total 443,593 408,970 100

Source: SEA