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Customer satisfaction

The surveys carried out in 2017 by Doxa (a leading market research institute) and concerning services at the airports of Malpensa and Linate highlight a very high satisfaction level of passengers.

The new Customer Satisfaction rating system is based on the Customer Satisfaction Index (on a scale of 0 to 100).

Development of the Customer Satisfaction Index

Malpensa T1 75 75 73
Malpensa T2 72 72 72
Linate 68 70 70
System 72 73 72

Source: SEA, Doxa

Results are stable compared to 2016 for both Malpensa terminals, but can be considered to follow a positive trend if the significant increase in airport traffic is taken into consideration. Linate, due in part to inconveniences related to the first phase of works on the airport facade, marked a 4% decline, a trend that, on the other hand, confirms the usefulness of the refurbishment investments planned for the coming years.

To supplement the perceived quality monitoring system, a 24-hour passenger satisfaction surveying system was introduced in 2015 concerning various individual services. This system uses varies faces that can be chosen on a totem (from a smiley face to a dissatisfied face, through 4 levels of satisfaction).  The tool is simple yet effective because it allows the passenger to express an opinion immediately after using the service. There are currently 30 totems spread across the 3 Terminals, monitoring security areas, sanitary services, commercial businesses and general maintenance areas. A total of 2,215,000 face presses were recorded in 2017.

The monitoring provides daily and hourly results, allowing timely interventions, the improvement of quality standards and the prevention of medium to long-term deviations. A service-specific alert system also allows immediate intervention in case of negative assessments concentrated in a short period of time.