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Customer Relationship Management and Complaints Management

Since 2010, we have been using an innovative CRM platform developed to manage relations with our customers, who, as passengers, have different demands and expectations from other service users. In 2017, registered users of the SEA CRM system reached 2,110,000 (up approximately 50% compared to 2016). This very encouraging trend was mainly attributable to the Wi-Fi system and e-commerce. Over 1,485,000 subscribers expressed consent in allowing us to send them the newsletter and research questionnaires, allowing us to inform the airport user and to understand expectations and evaluations, in order to focus our airport service offer.

Numerous channels are available for the reporting of complaints:

  • website ( – “contacts” section);
  • fax;
  • form sent at the Info desk;
  • letter.

We treat all complaints and issues reported on services offered with maximum attention and discretion and we commit to respond in the shortest time possible, and however within 28 days of receipt of the communication. In addition to quality surveys, as airport operator, we analyze all complaints (even if only less than one third refer directly to the services or scope of expertise of the group’s companies), in order to address all critical elements reported in the airport system. The Customer Relationship Management system facilitates both passengers in submitting complaints and our management of such complaints.

Complaints classification by issue in 2017 (%)

Baggage and lost & found 30
Security controls 12
Check-in, boarding 9
Flight operations 4
Parking 14
Comfort 10
Information 2
Retail 3
Other 16

Source: SEA

Customer Contact Center via telephone and social media

The call center service again in 2017 reported a double-digit (+20%) increase in calls, indicating in percentage terms a link with the general increase in traffic.

Specifically, requests increased for information on flights (33%) and on parking (26%); the remaining 40% is broken down between airport services and commercial, check-in and boarding information, Lost & Found and baggage.

From August, a daily transfer of calls was introduced to the outsourced call center company (the contract with the company Telesurvey covers also the management of overflow calls in cases of operative emergencies) for those concerning the lost and found service and connections to and from the airport (from 800 to more than 1000 calls a month), in order to recover the operating capacity of the call center staff.

In fact, the success of SEA’s social media space saw development of the channels managed by our call center (currently Twitter, Facebook and the chat and recall service which may be activated by app), requiring the continued presence of a dedicated operator: the opening of a chat bot platform and the WhatsApp channel are currently in progress.