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Service regularity indicators

IndicatorMeasurement unit Malpensa T1Malpensa T2Linate
Overall punctuality of flights % of punctual flights/total departing flights Target 2017 80.0% 80.0% 85.0%
2017 Result 81.8% 82.6% 86.8%
1st baggage return time from the aircraft block-on Time in minutes calculated from the aircraft block-on to 1st baggage return in 90% of cases Target 2017 22’50’’ 26’00’’ 16’50’’
2017 Result 19’55’’ 23’20’’ 16’15’’
Last baggage return time from the aircraft block-on Time in minutes calculated from the aircraft block-on to last baggage return in 90% of cases Target 2017 35’50’’ 37’00’’ 23’50’’
2017 Result 32’55’’ 27’00’’ 22’05’’
Boarding wait time for the 1st passenger Block-on waiting time in 90% of cases Target 2017 4’ 3’ 3’
2017 Result 5’ 3’ 2’
Overall perception on regularity and punctuality of services received at airport % of satisfied passengers Target 2017 95.0% 95.0% 95.0%
2017 Result 99.4% 98.4% 97.6%

Source: SEA, Doxa

Through the Service Charter, we communicate to passengers, together with airlines and companies providing services to them, our commitment to precise service level quality objectives.

The general performance in 2017 was positive and in line with targets, despite inconveniences created in relation to Linate’s first terminal refurbishment phase and to the positive but unexpected growth of passenger traffic at Malpensa.

The targets were defined and approved through the Airport Operator Service Charter, which communicates and shares quality standard commitments with stakeholders, including the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the Users Committee, representing both airlines and airport operators.

At Malpensa, departing flight punctuality for 2017 was 82% with a recovery of punctuality (difference between arrival punctuality and departure punctuality) of 3.1%.

The analysis by Terminals also shows a similar trend: Terminal 1 reports departing punctuality of 81.8% (+2.9% recovery), with Terminal 2 indicating a year to date value of 82.6% (+3.6% recovery).

Linate closes 2017 with punctuality values for passenger flights at 86.8%, compared to punctuality for arrivals at 87%.

Baggage delivery times, again this year, were well above Service Charter targets for all terminals. At Terminal 1, first baggage returns were within 22.50 minutes for 95.2% of flights and last baggage returns were within 35.50 minutes for 94.4 % of flights.

At Terminal 2, the delivery of the first bag within 26 minutes was achieved for 97.6% of flights, while the delivery of the last bag within 37 minutes was achieved for 99.2% of flights.

Number of misdirected bags (per 1,000 passengers)


Source: SEA

Misdirected baggage was substantially in line with that of previous years.