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Non-aviation customer profile

The Non-Aviation commercial activities not managed directly are governed by specific contracts signed with third party operators, under which we confer the organization and management of activities from time to time considered appropriate, in addition to the use of the airport spaces necessary for the carrying out of operations.

The contracts have variable durations (on average 3 years) and do not provide for tacit renewal. SEA’s remuneration under these contracts generally concerns:

  • fixed annual fees for the use of spaces;
  • variable fees (royalties) calculated on the basis of differing parameters according to the activity carried out (such as, for example purposes, revenues returned or cargo handled), providing however for guaranteed minimums and supported only by a bank surety.

The development of Non-Aviation activities concerns differentiated strategies according to the various terminals at Malpensa and Linate airports, in order to satisfy the needs of the range of passenger and user types at the terminals.

This strategy has been developed with a view to collaboration and partnership with the main sector operators and has resulted not only in the introduction of innovative sales models and the extension of the brand portfolio operating out of the Milan airports, but also the use of analysis instruments (including customer profiling, targeted marketing plans and quality control systems) which enable the identification and most complete satisfaction of customer demands.