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Analysis of the Boundary of the material topics and reconciliation with GRI Standards


Material topicsBoundaryGRI topic reconciliation
Party impactedType of impact
Shared development process Direct impact Economic performance
Indirect economic impacts
Local communities
Territorial dialogue and involvement  Group Direct impact  N/A
Transparent communication Group Direct impact  N/A
Noise impact Group, Airport operators Direct and indirect impact Noise
Consumer Health and Safety
Environmental risks oversight Group Direct impact Biodiversity
Effluents and waste
Ground travel connections
Environmental Compliance
CO2 reduction Group Direct impact Emissions
Adoption anti-corruption programmes Group Direct impact Anti-corruption
Quality of passenger services Group, Airport operators, Public Administration Direct and indirect impact Business continuity and emergency management
Customer Health and Safety
Service quality
Reduced mobility passenger services offer
Public transport accessibility to the airport  Group, Airport operators, Public Administration Indirect impact Ground travel connections
Quality of airport work  Employees24 Direct impact Occupational Health and Safety
Improvement of the passenger commercial services offer Group, Airport operators Indirect impact N/A
Employee engagement Direct impact Employment 
Labor/Management Relations
Diversity and equal Opportunity
Employee empowerment Group Direct impact Training and Education
Supplier selection transparency Group Direct impact Procurement practices
Supplier environmental assessment
Energy efficiency Group Direct impact Energy
Water consumption Group Direct impact Water
Environmental mitigations Group Direct impact Local communities

24 The Boundary of health and safety information and related injury rates exclusively includes employees of group companies. The organization is assessing the possibility of collecting data on injuries and occupational diseases involving contractors (representing 1.3% of total workers) from the reporting year 2018 onwards.