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Global air transport in 2017⁴

The global passenger traffic performance in 2017, on a sample of 1,056 airports, indicated growth of 6.4% compared to 2016.

The market is growing in all areas: Europe registered the highest increase in percentage terms (+8.5%), followed by Asia (+7.8%), Africa (+5.9%) – recovering from last year, the Middle East (+4.7%), Central/South America (+4.3%) and North America (+3.5%).

The world rankings classify Atlanta in North America, an area that handles 1.7 billion passengers, as the top airport for passenger traffic served (104 million, including 92 million linked to domestic traffic). In second place is Beijing (96 million passengers, including 74 million for domestic destinations) in Asia, an area that carries 1.9 billion passengers.

In third place is Dubai (88 million passengers), which represents the Middle East’s main hub with a 36% market share on a total of 242 million passengers.

On a sample of 711 airports worldwide, cargo traffic increased by 7.9% on 2016, with 100.9 million tons handled. Cargo business also performed well in each region analyzed.


4 Source: ACI World (Pax Flash & Freight Flash)