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Internal Committees to the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of SEA, in line with the recommendations of the Self-Governance Code, has internally set up through resolutions additional committees comprised of non-executive independent directors, with proposal and consultation functions and has set the number of members and relative duties. These committees regularly carry out their duties through meetings, with minutes prepared and maintained by the Company.

Meetings held by the Board of Directors and the Committees in 2017

Board of DirectorsControl and Risks CommitteeRemuneration and Appointments CommitteeEthics Committee
13 7 7 4

For the discharge of their duties, the committees may access the information and company departments necessary.

The committees may in addition utilize external consultants, within the budget limits approved by the Board. The Board of Directors has set up:

  • the Ethics Committee, chaired by a non-Executive Director;
  • the Remuneration and Appointments Committee;
  • the Control and Risks Committee.