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Remuneration of management

SEA’s remuneration policy reflects its position as a service-based company focused on operating performance excellence and the quality of the service provided to customers, in order to aligning the corporate interest with the objective of creating value for shareholders.

The policy seeks to attract, motivate and retain highly qualified and skilled individuals, capable of achieving the Groups’ objectives:

The variable incentive system (MBO) for Group Management is in line with the Industrial Plan and seeks to further its achievement. The variable remuneration component recognizes the results achieved, drawing a correlation between performance and remuneration.

The annual objectives are pre-set by the budget approved by the Board of Directors and allocated to the positions in relation to the result and responsibility areas of each role.

Group profitability is the principal objective of Management, shared at all levels and is the condition upon which the individual bonus is based. Performance is measured on, in addition to the economic-financial topics, also the reaching of objectives in terms of operating excellence and customer service level indicators.