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Corporate Citizenship Policy

The main points of our “Corporate citizenship” policy are:

  • the value of the Company’s corporate citizenship is defined more by the robustness of its link with the company's strategy than by the quantity of resources invested;
  • the corporate citizen activities are carried out in order to protect the interests of:
    • shareholders, in relation to the most correct, efficient and beneficial use of employees by management;
    • the non-profit stakeholders, in relation to the need for transparency and objectivity in terms of the criteria under which the company chooses its partners for social investment;
    • it is defined by the Company itself in terms of its own credibility and reputation to act transparently in accepting requests for contributions from non-profit organizations;
  • the touchstone of our corporate citizenship activities revolves around the financed project, whose credentials (completeness, endorsement by national and international institutions, scalability, clarity of objectives, measurability and accountability) are added to those of its proponents;
  • projects in line with the identity, features and distinctive characteristics of SEA are preferred, which carries out an active role (not simply a donator, but rather a partner) in the management of initiatives, considering therefore as important factors for the choice of the project the possibility to mobilize the involvement of employees, in addition to the opportunity to reconcile the needs within the region of the airports with international dimension initiatives.