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Air transport supply

The Milan metropolitan area ranks ninth in Europe by total air transport offerings at 40.2 million ASKs (available seat kilometers) supplied each year.

Air transport supply in the Milan metropolitan area (2014-2016)


Source: ICCSAI Fact Book

ASKs correspond to the total seats available on each flight, multiplied by the number of kilometers flown: a measure of an airport's capacity in terms of passenger transport supply. The overall airport system – inclusive of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio – offered 26.6 million seats.

Malpensa airport ranked sixth in Europe (after London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zurich) in terms of the weight of ASKs relating to non-EU destinations out of the total ASKs offered. Destinations lying outside Europe accounted for 73.4% of Malpensa's weighted offerings.

Air transport supply at Malpensa airport (2014-2016)

ASK 23,998,189 26,107,947 28,086,906
ASK inter-EU 6,622,044 6,449,673 7,463,899
ASK non-EU 17,376,145 19,658,273 20,623,007
ASK non-EU/ASK total 72.4% 75.3% 73.4%

Source: ICCSAI Fact Book

Malpensa is one of the few European airports with a high level of non-EU ASKs that is not also a hub.

This may also be explained by the fact that Malpensa offers a high level of medium/long-haul destinations, despite lacking a feeder flight network, instead relying primarily on point-of-origin demand for air transport to international destinations.